Friday, 30 November 2007

Shop Online at the Clubshop Mall

We would like to introduce ourselves and for you to get to know us. Our names are Ed and Karen Laracuente, we live in the small seaside heritage town of Whitstable in the Kentish countryside of England.

It's necessary for you to know why we have created this Blog, many people on the web are looking at internet sites every day to find bargains for day to day items and spend many hours researching to find the best savings they can get.

What if we were to let you know that there is a place that has it all, savings, rewards, exclusive bargains and many more member benefits. At the site everything is linked to your membership ID Number, so when you sign up for FREE and log on to shop it's as easy as pie and best of all you get your own personal portal page so that you can refer others and get credit for their shopping. It's that simple.

We have been involved for many years with this company and have found the savings invaluable. My wife and I have our own home based business and have learned a great deal from their extensive training program and are so glad we found the "Discount Home Shoppers Club" DHS Club for short. Now it's up to you to join us and start shopping, saving and earning money with the Clubshopmall.